Aarey Milk Colony (Chota Kashmir) In Mumbai

Aarey Milk Colony (established in 1949) is situated in Goregaon East, a suburb of Mumbai. It has gardens, a nursery, lakes, an observation pavilion, picnic facilities, and milk plants.

On average, 16,000 cattle are reared on 1,287 hectares of land, and 32 cattle farms. Some of the attractions in Aarey Milk Colony are the Aarey Garden Restaurant, Chota Kashmir and the Boating rides and the Picnic Spot.

The Aarey milk colony is situated off the Western Express Highway which runs acrosss Mumbai. It is one of the most modern milk colonies in the world. Apart from being a milk producing center, it is also known for its greenery and beautiful surroundings. The garden is spread over 4,000 acres (16 km2) of parkland and is a good place for tourism. There is an observation pavilion on a hill near the entrance to the colony from where one can survey an enchanting landscape.

How To Reach Aarey milk Colony?
Get down at Goregaon station (western line), and catch an autorickshaw and go towards the western express highway where the entrance of Aarey Milk Colony can be seen.